SBCS provides tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements
SBCS has been providing comprehensive consulting services to facilitate a seamless entry into Thailand, successfully guiding the
market entry of various Japanese and multinational companies over the past few decades. Whether multinational corporations or
ambitious small and medium-sized enterprises, our team is committed to resolving challenges for our client’s business expansion
in Thailand and neighboring countries, and we promise to work hand-in-hand with our clients to seize the right opportunities.
Service 01
Corporate Growth Strategy
  • Conduct comprehensive and detailed industry and market research to understand current industry trends and market dynamics.
  • Identify and analyze potential growth strategies that can adapt to future market demands and changes, considering the development of the business in the future.
  • Develop specific and effective market entry strategies based on the unique characteristics of the local Thai market and the movements of competitors.
  • Formulate a meticulous pricing strategy that maximizes revenue while setting appropriate price ranges based on industry competitiveness and customer value assessment.
Service 02
Creating Business Opportunities
  • Provide tailored business matching support that aligns completely with the needs and requirements of the client, establishing connections with the most suitable Thai local business partners.
  • Leverage our robust network within and beyond the industry to facilitate collaboration with strategic partners and investors.
  • Identify optimal partner candidates for the purpose of business expansion and collaboration, conducting thorough exploration and investigation into their background, track record, and business compatibility.
Service 03
Investment Support
  • SBCS provides comprehensive support for the smooth establishment of your companies or subsidiaries, taking into account the specific legal and economic environment in Thailand.
Inquiries about Our Consulting
Service 01
Thai Regulatory Research and Investigation
  • Legal Background Investigation: SBCS thoroughly understand the domestic laws and regulations in Thailand to clarify risks in business operations of the clients.
  • Industry-specific Regulatory Trend Monitoring: SBCS keeps track of the latest regulatory trends in key industries to set the direction of the business of the clients.
  • Consultation with Stakeholders: SBCS engages in discussions with key stakeholders to gather on-ground insights and feedback for clients.
Service 02
Research on Various Industry Trends in Thailand
  • Market Size and Growth Rate Analysis: Conduct research on the current market size and projected growth rates for each industry.
  • Competitor Activity Research: Analyze the trends, strategies, and expansions of major competitors and brands in Thailand to ascertain their market positioning.
  • Consumer Preferences and Trend Investigation: Investigate consumer buying behavior, preferences, and the latest trends within Thailand, guiding strategic directions for products and services.
Service 03
Macroeconomic and Political Trends
  • Analysis of Economic Growth Rate and Key Indicators: Conduct a detailed investigation of macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, unemployment rate, inflation rate, etc., to predict the health and future trends of the economy.
  • Confirmation of Government Policies and Strategies: Research the policies, strategies, and plans of the current Thai government and major political parties, identifying factors that could potentially impact business activities and investments.
  • Assessment of Geopolitical Risks: Evaluate risks by considering geopolitical factors, including relationships with neighboring countries, potential international tensions, and conflicts.
Inquiries about Our Research
Q & A
Yes, certainly. In Thailand, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) has already been enacted, and there is a growing trend towards stricter management of customer information. SBCS assures you that we will handle the information provided by customers with the utmost confidentiality and abide by our duty of non-disclosure.
We have provided consulting services to numerous clients in various industries including manufacturing, services, real estate, and government agencies. Our clients range from large public listed companies to medium- and small-sized enterprises. We have a deep understanding of major regulations such as the Thai Civil and Commercial Code, BOI incentives, the Land Acts and etc. With multiple Japanese experts who are fluent in English and Thai and have over 10 years of experience in Thailand, we are well-equipped to navigate the local legal landscape. Additionally, our team includes Japanese and Thai experts with diverse specialties in investigative consulting, allowing us to form teams tailored to specific needs. We also boast a quite unique network of local Thai companies, which is another one of our strengths.
SBCS has been providing support for market entry for over 30 years. Entering the Thai market requires consideration of practical aspects in addition to compliance with regulations, depending on the nature of the business. We strive to offer proposals that align with your specific needs through our consulting services. Please feel free to reach out for consultation through our "Contact Form."
Many foreign companies in Thailand have traditionally adopted a business model where they primarily engage with same foreign national companies, e.g., Japanese companies do the business with the other Japanese companies in Thailand. However, for future business acceleration, a model involving direct transactions between Japanese companies and local Thai companies is increasingly sought after. Through our consulting services, we have a track record of accurately understanding our clients' business models and have undertaken numerous initiatives, including strategic planning for revenue expansion and business matching with local companies. Please feel free to reach out for consultation through our "Contact Form."
SBCS not only assists in the withdrawal and liquidation process but also offer strategic advice, including evaluating whether withdrawal and liquidation are indeed necessary. Please feel free to reach out for consultation through our "Contact Form."
SBCS has a track record of successfully facilitating matches between Thai and foreign companies. Additionally, for certain service industries, it may be possible to establish a wholly-owned entity if specific conditions are met. We specialize in providing comprehensive consulting services related to optimal capital structure and corporate governance.
SBCS has extensive experience in conducting in-depth research in specific fields such as food, chemicals, non-ferrous metals, cosmetics, automotive parts, EV materials, electronic materials, and real estate (residential, office, hotels, serviced apartments, warehouses, industrial estates). Please provide the details of your desired research as much as possible through the "Contact Form" and send it to us. Our staff will contact you separately to discuss the research scopes.
SBCS in-house specialist consultants conduct thorough research based on customer needs and provide comprehensive reports. Please start by providing the details of your desired research as much as possible through the "Contact Form" and send it to us.
While SBCS does not engage in real estate brokerage, we can assist in referring suitable real estate agents based on your needs. Additionally, we have a track record of facilitating business matches in the real estate industry. Please provide details of your investment preferences (type of real estate, location, budget, etc.) through the "Contact Form" and send it to us.
SBCS has established a network with promising startup companies in Thailand since we’ve been in local startup ecosystem. Please provide details about your desired collaboration criteria as much as possible through the "Contact Form" and send it to us.
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